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MakingMatters is a design studio located in Oslo, Norway. We engage in a broad spectre of disciplines, such as interior architecture, sustainable design, conceptual design and general industrial design to mention some. MakingMatters has its core in the industrial designer Sturla Lauritzson Godøy, who collaborates with qualified professionals in the different projects and disciplines.

At the time the lamp Harmon is most in focus. This is a lamp is a pendant/table lamp that honors our mantra, mixing science with art. The lamp is made of massive glass, brass and wood. It has been a goal to make the most of every materials potential. Harmon is inspired by the harmonograph´s drawings (pendular drawing device). It is driven by a 5W warm white LED.

Design by Sturla L. Godøy. Art director on sculpture: Sturla L. Godøy. Designer on sculpture: Are Austnes


1st. edition. Limited 100 lamps. Numbered.

260 GBP +vat

NOTE: Please write an E-mail to to put yourself on a reservation list.


Environment from National Stage for Dance, Oslo, Norway. By MakingMatters. Photo: Dansens Hus

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“At MakingMatters we have expertise in a variety of design disciplines. This makes us equipped for innovative design processes. We mix science and art to develop products and environments for both the heart, mind and body ”

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